This salve is created with comfrey, plantain and calendula that has been harvested dried and infused into olive oil.  Then strained and the oil is combined with beeswax, local too!  So this is a definite WV Grown product.  


Uses:  Bug Bite Salve - Natural remedy for the itching of bug bites and rashes. 

After a mosquito bite you get that telltale swelling, redness and then the itching... We all know we're not supposed to aggravate the skin by itching, but who can help it? This all-natural salve uses the power of natural herbs to relieve itching, reduce inflammation, draw out the poison of bites, and heal the skin. 

Here is a spotlight on the healing properties of the other herbs in this salve.

Comfrey - has a long history of use on external wounds.  

Calendula - a good choice for soothing skin inflammations, burns and cuts. 

Plantain - often used to relieve the pain and itching of bee stings, bug bites and rashes

Directions: When bites appear, wash the area first (if possible) and apply the balm to cover the entire bite. Reapply as often as needed. Safe to use on children (over 1 year old).

Bug Bite Salve


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