Micheal Caldwell - is a friend of mine.  Proud to call his family mine!  

He got hurt on the job in January and was driving his family nuts and picked up carving as a hobby to not only keep his mind positive, but also keep his hands moving.  His wife, Rebecca, had asked him to make a ladel - and boy you should see it.  


We asked him since he was coming to the Putnam Farmers Market - if he'd like to show what he was making.  G & G Heritage Farms put them out on her table - and now when he attends - puts them out on our Table.  But you can also custom order products.   


This is added-value agriculture and forestry products.  You see Micheal used the wood that came down in the spring 2021 ice storm.  He has collected it from West Virginia and at his parents home in North Carolina.   


If you are interested in his wares - please reach out to us at Good Horse Scents - or directly to Micheal at 304-633-9547.  Prices do vary between pieces!!!! TAKE NOTE.  

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