Ingredients:  Lard, Water, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil infused with Jewelweed, Lye, Nettle Leaf Powder.


This is one of our top sellers - folks are around the area swear by its ability to help stop poison ivy in its tracts.


Jewelweed is a wildcrafted plant here on our farm.  We harvest 2-3 times per year and infuse the plant in Olive oil.  


Jewelweed is not only a folk-remedy to poison ivy - but many rashes and bites you get from bug bites and other plants.  There are several ways to use the soap - you can spot treat - or just wash your whole body.  Regardless - this is a wonderful soap. 


Once exposed to Poison Ivy -  Mash a small amount of the soap with warm water adn apply the paste to the exposed area.  Or sprinke a few drips of water on the bar and glide it over the exposed area.  Be sure to rinse the bar so that you do not spread the irritating Urushiol oil of the poison ivy plant. 

Jewelweed Soap

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