Mountain Man Soap:  The Essential Oil combination of Rosemary and Peppermint - make this bar Woodsy and Fresh!  Named for #46  West Virginia University Player - Reese Donahue who has had a positive impact on our family and River Cities Therapy and Recreation Center, Inc. where while at home in Milton, WV volunteers his time to help empower children with disabilities and the other volunteers to do their best and have good character ethics.  A true Mountain Man - outdoorsy and smart!!!


Handcrafted  - Artisan soap is a blend of both science and art. It is special, uniques and joyous to make.  Each recipe is uniquely our own.  Handcrafted soap comes in a wide array of colors, scents, shapes, sizes and formulations. no two pours are going to be exactly the same.  The formulas remain the same - but the colors, botanicals and herbs combine  will swirl magically.  So your bars may look different with each purchase.  Decorating the tops with botanicals - some folks like the beauty of the pedals - some just want the plain soap.  I love it personally.  It can be playful and fun or designed for serious skin care.  At Good Horse Scents- we have chosen to use natural butters, oils and botanicals, clays and herbs, and essential oils for their aroma and benefits!


Mountain Man

SKU: 0002
  • Being Born and Bred in the Mountain State of West Virginia, our heritage runs deep like the streams and rivers and h as our mountaina tops.  We named this soap "Mountain" Man - it has a clean crisp scent of Rosemary and Peppermint Essential Oils.  The bar is made from Lard, Coconut and Olive Oil.  It is a hard bar that creates a good lather.  

  • At Good Horse Scents, LLC, - we pride ourselves on your satisfaction.  We can't take back your used soap or opened products.  But it you have a question or concern - shoot us a message and we can discuss options. 

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