KNOW THE TOXIC RISKS OF YOUR HERBAL MEDICINES. ALL BOOKS SIGNED BY AUTHOR. Over seven years in the making and now finally available. Written for both the layperson and professional. There have been hundreds of books published on the medicinal properties of plants, but few have included the toxicities associated with the use of wild herbs as medicine. Even fewer have categorized herbs by the way they affect organ systems in the body. We believe this book will complement your herbal library and allow you to be thoughtful and reflective about using plants as medicine. In this book you will find: * How to visually identify each plant * Detailed written description of each plant * Synonyms of each plant * Chemical constituents of each plant * Pharmacological actions of each plant * Beneficial effects of each plant * Adverse effects of each plant * Dosage use for each plant * How to prepare herbs for use * Herb-drug interactions for each plant * Herb-herb interactions for each plant * Methods used to administer herbal medicines * Bioactive plant and herb extracts * Physiological effects of plant extracts discussed * and more. What you find herein is presented solely for educational purposes. You should consult your physician before using any medicinal plants or extracts. In addition to educating plant and herb enthusiasts this book is a beneficial resource for herbalists, foragers, physicians, hospitals, academics, students, libraries and poison control centers. Click on images to the left to see how plants and herbs are presented within the book. A unique and valuable reference at any location including home, your yard, school, lab, office, water bank, meadow, field, pasture, on the trail, or in the deep woods.

The Guide to the Toxicology of Select Medical