Calendar - Where can you find us and/or our products.

February 2021 left us without power for 11 days and then flooding for 5, cleaning up around the farm has put a damper on Making . . . so I am trying!


We have been blessed to have the following retail shops that carry our products. You  can click on the name and it will link you to the individual businesses.

  • WholiMoli

  • The Commons Marketplace @ Valley Park

  • The Wild Ramp

  • Valley Naturals 

Putnam Farmers Market - Typically every Saturday from May through the End of October from 9-1 - We always post on FB to tell you if we will be there or not.


December 2021

December 4, 2021 - Putnam Farmers Market Off-Season Market 9-4 @ Area 34

December 10, 2021 - The Commons Marketplace @ Valley Park 4-8


Wholesale:  Terms and Conditions - revised 2021

We certainly love our products and are proud of them!  We are always happy to consider sharing with other shops.  

How to order:  You can order directly by calling us, emailing us or scheduling a meeting.  We don't charge any set up fees - but once you tell us what you want - then we will sind you a digital invoice through Square. 

Stock:  To keep our products fresh and current - we make our products in small batches.  Special orders or large quantities of soap will take up to 4 weeks to make and cure - prior to getting them to you.  We reserve the right to stop by - check out our product display and offer suggestions and welcome yours for  all of our growth.  If something needs to be swapped out - we can certainly do that.  You just have to let us know.

Wholesale Pricing:  All prices are listed in US dollars.  All authorized retailers/wholesale accounts - will receive a discount off the MSRP.  Percentages are subject to change.  Tiers:  Minimum Orders  of $200.00 and below are at 40%; Orders $350.00 45% and Orders $500.00  50%.  Prices are subject to change without notice.  Typically based upon the sources and cost of supplies.

Opening orders:  Well - we'd love to be able to say - buy our stock - but that would really challenge our business. We ask that you purchase 3 bars of each of our 11 foundation bars.  If you would like to add Specialty Bars and/or other products we would gladly add that to your order.  So what we ask:   is that you open with a minimum order of $150.00.   Initial orders for new accounts must be paid for upon deliver. We always send you a digital invoice.  

Re-orders:  No minimum.  We hope that you can pay upon delivery.  But we all understand circumstances and give you 5 days.  After 5 days there is a 10% late fee for every 30 days past due.  

Methods of Payments:  Square!  We invoice you upon delivery and expect prompt payment (as soon as you recieve the invoice) .

Thank you so very much for all of your support and belief in our products!