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Our Favorite Formulations

Handcrafted Soap

The process of handcrafted, artisan soap making takes you through many stages - planning, creating, modifying and perfecting OUR formulations.  This is part science and art.  In 2011 we began our soaping journey through making, natural, nourishing soaps and body products for our family - we had formulated and tried MANY formulas/recipes.  What we ended up with are the the soaps on this page are the 11 Foundation Bars that we LOVE!  Each is unique has its own properties and qualities that are unique and ours.  We hope that you love them like we do. 

All Good Horse Scents (GHS) Our Cold Processed Soaps are made in small handcrafted batches to 2.5 - 40 pounds.  All soaps have the ingredients measured by hand, poured by hand, and any additives added by hand.  We may use the same natural colorants or additives - but the soap can definitely present differently just by the individuality of the pour.


  • We make our soaps with natural ingredients to indulge your  skin and body.  

  • We make several soaps that are infused with herbs or botanicals to have NO SCENT. 

  • We use natural colorants to further create a natural bar. 

  • ALL soap is made through the process of slowly melting animal/plant oils/butters (fatty acids) and an alkaline salt base (Lye (sodium hydroxide) and water or liquid (beer, wine, tea, milk, etc).  This is a naturally occurring chemical process.  Yes I used the term Chemical!  This is the science and it is so cool. 

We use the Cold-Processed Method of soaping most of the time.  We have used Hot Process - just like our Appalachian ancestors (only we don't cook over a fire).  

Through the process of melting our oils slowly - to preserve the goodness of the natural ingredients.  We use nutrient dense oils and butters.

Ingredients that I Love: 

We use the following oils and butters in the formulation of our products.  They may be combined or used individually.  

Just ask if you have questions.  Each bar begins with a base oil:  



Coconut Oil

Olive Oil

Rice Bran Oil

Avocado Oil 

Apricot Kernel Oil

Caster oil

Just look at the labels or  ASK.  We have worked hard to ensure that we are complying with the industry standard , meaning that the ingredients are listed from what it contains most to what it contains the least. 

We do use organically certified Palm Oil - in a few bars as well as Babassu Oil, as some folks want all plant based soaps - so we tried to accommodate.  We also can customize a loaf of soap specifically for you!

To add more to our bars - separate us out from others - we add responsibly wildcrafted and organic botanicals, fragrant organic spices, purifying earth clays and tropical butters.

Finally, we scent our aromatic soaps with only pure essential oils from plants, fresh clean scents, the way Mother Nature intended!  

Read Labels!

When you shop for soap - look at handcrafted soap - look at the Corporate soap - educate yourself.  All of our soap is made from scratch in the "soap lab" or "soap room" by the "soap hag"  - me.  The Granny Witch!  

  • True soap is made through a  process called saponification - fatty acids (oils) + alkaline base = salt

  • Fake soap is made using petro chemicals and synthetically lab derived detergents.

  • Soap bases - like the ones you get in a kit - are full of NOT NATURALLY DERIVED ingredients. 

  • "Hypoallergenic" Soaps - the word is marketing hype - truly like "Natural" - most dermatologists are told what to say - as they really don't understand the process - so that it one reason I have teamed up with a local Pharmacy School - to teach them about making from scratch - and how to source true clean, kind, nourishing products. 

  • Read labels carefully, ask questions, be informed! 

  • Arm yourself with knowledge - that way you an spot truly handcrafted natural soap.  It should say "soap" on the label. 

  • By law (federal) - "fake" soaps aren't supposed to use that term so they call it a "beauty bar" or a "moisturizing bar"  Look for soaps with an Oil or Fat as the first ingredient - as those are rich in antioxidants and revitalizing skin nutrients.  

  • Avoid fragrance oils, perfume oils, potpourri oils ad nature identical oils which are all different words for synthetic fragrance oils - as they are one of the biggest causes of skin irritation and skin sensitivities today.

  • You honestly can not get an essential oil of honeysuckle, blueberry, fig, strawberry, etc. 

  • When we say lemon verbena, sandalwood, vanilla, rose - we have infused those plants in our carrier oils - and you won't get much scent through the saponification (soap making) process - we do have small quantities of the essential oils, absolutes - but they are very expensive and have been purchased through companies that ensurethe harvest did not was sustainable. 

Good Horse Scents soaps, will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and nourished!  You get what you pay for, and your skin will thank you for it!

Antibacterial Commercial Soaps

Triclosan is an antibacterial agent - found in:  antibacterial soap, lotion, tootpastes, acne products, comets and other personal care products.  Research it for yourself - it is classified as a pesticide but the EPA and as a drug but the FDA.  The EPA considers it a "possible risk to human helth and the environment."

FDA knows that it is an endocrine disruptor, suspected carcinogen and through its overuse has contibuted to bacterial resistance in the same ways over use of antibiotics have.  

Just wash your hands with soap - plain old soap! That's the best way!
Teach your children to wash their hands with soap and water!  

Care of your Good Horse Scents Bar Soap

Here are some suggests that will help you to prolong the life of your GHS Soap

Don't let your soap drown in water

Make sure it has plenty of fresh air between uses

Store your soap on a well drained soap dish.

Soap will last a long time - but I can't let it not be used - so use it!  

Store it in a drawer, linen closet or dark place - the smells will be delicious! 

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