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Hair Care

Shampoo bars, conditioning all natural shampoo in a solid bar, clean hair naturally. Super rich with loads of fluffy lather, natural ingredients gently clean the hair and scalp without stripping away natural protective oils. 

  • Botanicals, herbal infusions and pure essential oils leave hair soft, shiny, clean, and most of all healthy

  • Individual hair care needs are unique, our shampoo bars contain different blends of moisturizing oils and butters

  • Try different trial size bars (samples) to find the best fit for you!

  • One shampoo bar can do it all -for most!

  • Sulfate free, silicone free, paraben free natural shampoo


Available in size bars (70 grams) for our Syndet bars and the traditional soap bars are 4 ounces.  You can use on both your hair and your body. What the heck is a Sydnet Bar?  Well . . . the ingredients that we choose are naturally derived - meaning that they are plant based - processed to derive the components needed to obtain the results we need, want and desire. 

Indulge yourself . . . try them all and find your favorites! 

I have learned to formulate the Good Horse Scents bars through much education. Much research and discovery has been done to ensure that your hair gets clean and scalp treated with care and love. 

Solid shampoo bars are basically a shampoo concentrate. Some people love them - others do not.  You just have to try and see whats best for you.  But our bars will not contain:  Harsh Surfactants; Detergents or Fragrance Oils (Synthetics). 

The packaging, visual appeal and aroma of our bars is simple - sustainable and functional. 

Blonde Highlights

Using natural products for hair care is a challenge - we are used to using shampoos and conditioners that pour, lather with surfactants and rinsing with a conditioner that contains silicones.  So sometimes - it takes a few tries to get used to just rubbing a bar on your hair. 

The Benefits or Advantages:

  • All Natural Ingredients 

  • They don't require preservatives

  • They are convenient for use while traveling, camping or for the gym.

  • They last a long time.

The Downside or Disadvantages:

  • It takes a little longer to use - as you have to actually rub it into your hair and scalp.

  • Can take a little more effort to rinse the lather from your hair.

  • You may need an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse

This is my daughter Jenny's hair - isn't it spectacular!

Over time you will develop your own method for using the shampoo bar.

Here is what I do:

  • Wet my hair - then rub the shampoo bar directly onto my hair - working from the scalp to the tip.

  • Massage the lather into my scalp and my curls to get a good lather.

  • Then i simply rinse my hair.  If I feel it is really dirty - I might do the process again.  (Working on a Farm can be grimy.)

Conditioning or Clarifying your hair.

  • You can use 1 part apple cider vinegar to 9 parts water - for a clarifying rinse - you can add your own Essential oils if you want.

  • Typically the vinegar smell - is gone after you blow dry or let it dry naturally

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