Hair Care

Using natural products for hair care is a challenge - we are used to using shampoos and conditioners that pour, lather with surfactants and rinsing with a conditioner that contains silicones.  So sometimes - it takes a few tries to get used to just rubbing a bar on your hair. 

The Benefits or Advantages:

  • All Natural Ingredients 

  • They don't require preservatives

  • They are convenient for use while traveling, camping or for the gym.

  • They last a long time.

The Downside or Disadvantages:

  • It takes a little longer to use - as you have to actually rub it into your hair and scalp.

  • Can take a little more effort to rinse the lather from your hair.

  • You may need an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse

Over time you will develop your own method for using the shampoo bar.

Here is what I do:

  • Wet my hair - then rub the shampoo bar directly onto my hair - working from the scalp to the tip.

  • Massage the lather into my scalp and my curls to get a good lather.

  • Then i simply rinse my hair.  If I feel it is really dirty - I might do the process again.  (Working on a Farm can be grimy.)

Conditioning or Clarifying your hair.

  • You can use 1 part apple cider vinegar to 9 parts water - for a clarifying rinse - you can add your own Essential oils if you want.

  • Typically the vinegar smell - is gone after you blow dry or let it dry naturally

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