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I/We believe that it is important to KNOW - know what we are using in our soaps, salves, lotions, etc.  Why?  Because our world is full of hidden agendas and words that get hidden.  So we decided that we would include resources and education.

Preservatives here is a link to a preservative discussion:



Essential Oils: There are so many resources about Essential Oils on the world wide web. We are distributers for Young Living Essential Oils - but I also use Oils from Mountain Rose Herbs, Brambleberry, Wholesale Supply, etc.  It is important that you know that Essential Oils are derived from plants 

Essential Oils




Allergies and Intolerance are similar yet different.  We started this endeavor - Good Horse Scents - because we had challenges with how our bodies reacted to foods, commercial based products, etc. 

The linked article is from Soap Queen - and it is very good at describing and providing a resource for us all. 

Oils and

Oils and fats are combined with Sodium Hydroxide or Potassium Hydroxide.  

But let me tell you a bit about what oils and fats that we use.  Yes we love lard!  Pig fat - but also have been gifted local Beef Fat (Tallow). We have used Bear Fat that was obtained legally in WV but due to WV Laws - we are unable to sell the amazing soap - but we have gifted!

Palm oil:  There are definite Sustainability issues and challenges.  Meaning fair trade - renewable resource - not harvested with slaves, etc.  Palm oil is derived from Malaysia, Indonesia, South Asian and African countries.  There is a HUGE demand for it in both the food, biofuel and cosmetic industries.  Land is being consumed - habitats of animals is being used - and unethical practices are being used.  We try not to use this oil - but do have it that has been assured that it is from sustainable resources. 

What does it do for soap:  Makes a hard bar of soap, lathers and conditiones the skin.  When combined with Coconut oil - it helps the soap to have big bubbles. 

Neem Oil:  IT is STINKY!!! Kind of a garlic - earthy - musky.  It is a deep yellow borwn color - but has been used for centuries for skin benefits. It is incredibly moisturizing - FULL of anitoxidents and it actually is a natural bug repellant.  We use it in our Dog - Nose and Paw bars.

Babassu Oil:  This is an alternative to Coconut and Palm Oil.  It comes from a Brazilian tree - and ads hardness and moisuurizing properties to soap. 

Castor Oil:

Olive Oil:  

Rice Bran: 

Coconut Oil:  This is one of the most readily available oils.  It is harvested from the seeds of the coconut tree (cocos nucifera) and comes from Southeast Asia and the Philippines.  It is solid at room temperatures and at 76 degrees melts to a car liquid oil.  It contains many fatty acids - both saturated and non-saturated.  It also contains auric and myristic saturated acids - which makes is incredibly cleaning. 

If used as 100% of a bar of soap - it can be drying - even irritated.  So with that being said - READ your labels.  You can use it as a laudry detergent. 

Jojoba Oil:  Jojoba oil is actually a liquid wax.  It is extracted from the seed of the Jojoba shrub. The shrub is native to southern Arizona, California and northwestern Mexico.  Naturally, it is a thick, light golden liquid with a slightly nutty odor.  It has a long shelf-life because it does not contain triglycerides lis other oils do.  It is amazing option for massage oils, lotions and cold processed soaps.  Jojoba oil has a similar properties to skin - making it a lightweight, easily-absorbable skincare option. 

Argon Oil:


Apricot Oil:

Cocoa Butter

Shea Butter




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