Men's Products

Having an equal number of men in the house - we looked at how their skin is different than a woman.  Well - there isn't really a difference - it just depends on what they do - where they do it and how they take care of it.  

In our house - the guys use the same products that we do - except facial hair so that is why we came up with beard products that were clean smelling and soothing to the skin.  Most men with beard - even though they are all of the rage now and "fashionable" don't really know how to care for their facial hair and the skin underneath. 

Beard Balms and Beard Oils

Beard and facial hair is different from hair on the top of your head.  So we like it when it fresh, clean and moisturized. 

Soaps:  Face and Body

Our fellows used our facial bars on their faces, and the body bars on their bodies.  There really isn't a difference other than what they like.  Some like more earthy - woodsy scents - others like the clean of peppermint and rosemary.  We let them choose.

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