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Men's Products

Our home is equal - two males and two females!  But our skin is all different.   Well - there isn't really a difference - it just depends on what they do - where they do it and how they take care of it.  For example - working out in the elements on the farm, shop or local feed store vs. working inside. 

In our house - the guys use the same products that we do - except facial hair so that is why we came up with beard products that were clean smelling and soothing to the skin.  Most men with beard - even though they are all of the rage now and "fashionable" don't really know how to care for their facial hair and the skin underneath. 

Soaps:  Face and Body

Our fellows used our facial bars on their faces, and the body bars on their bodies.  There really isn't a difference other than what they like.  Some like more earthy - woodsy scents - others like the clean of peppermint and rosemary.  We let them choose.

Shaving Soap:

Beard Wash:

Beard Balms and Beard Oils

Beard and facial hair is different from hair on the top of your head.  But it still needs to be taken care of and we like it when its fresh, clean and moisturized. 

A testimony about our  beard products - said it "tamed his man mane"..

History and info about beards

Being born and raised in West Virginia, but traveling all of there United States, I personally was fascinated by men who wore beards - it says something about their hygiene.  Short, scruff, gotee, long, braided, manicured, etc.  Also as an Occupational Therapist - it was my job to help men with their ability to care for their skin, shave, etc.  Its part of daily living - duh!  So I had to learn how to shave another persons face - ignorer to help them learn or relearn to take care of their face hair.  Try that out - its rough shaving someone else - because as women we aren't used to it.  

I also love history - and you look at the 1800's here in American - as Abraham Lincoln wore a chin strap style beard, cowboys out west grew their beards out during cattle drives - but when they got to a town - they went to take a bath and get cleaned up - "shave and haircut, two bits".  Not all men had razors - as teatnus due to a rusty blade was a thing!

In the 1800's men used natural oils for their beard care - look it up for yourself, but Bear Fat/Grease was used in all kinds of products from beard oils to pomades.  

Our products have been formulated with men's skin, hair and grooming habits in mind.  Rarely do you get to go to a barber where they lay you back, clean, trim and care for a mans beard, unless its a special shop.  How wonderful (I've been told) to pamper you man with a moist hot towel, to help soften the facial hair and help to infuse the beard and mustache with a special beard oil and balm that has butters, and a humectant.  

We have formulated both our Beard Balm and Beard Oil with a fantastic blend of oils, waxes, and butters plus the essential oils that contain blends that not only smell wonderful and have aromatherapeutic properties. 

We began making beard products since 2016 when we started this journey.  We have had great men - who have tested out and gave us feed back.  

Argan Oil:  this wonderful oil from Morocco, is packed full of vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants. 

It has been found to help with beard dandruff

Helps with dry brittle hair

Jojoba Oil

Hemp Oil

Apricot Kernel Oil

Coconut Oil:  We use Medium-chain triglyceride oil that comes from the coconut fruit.  

Helps to moisturize and soften - contains high amounts of Vitamin E which is an antioxidant and acts as a deep moisturizer 

Antifungle and antibacterial properties 

Increases the Natural shine

Boosts beard growth

Reduces breatkage to keep beard looking amazing - 

Coconut is a triglyceride tiwh Laurie acid - it works by attaching to hair proteins and penetrates deep into the shair shaft.  It also protects the hair follicle, to prevent hair loss - leading to a fuller and more dense beard.

Protects from UV damage - as its loaded with antioxidants that work to reduce the damage from harmful UVA and UVB rays as well as free radicals. 

Castor Oil


How to use our Products:

Beard Oil:  A little be goes a long way - so use sparingly - if you get too much - just rub your hands though your hair or your partners - especially the ends. It is wonderful. 


Helps stop Beard Itch

Gets rid of Beard Dandruff

Helps to Soften the Beard

Improves Beard Growth and Thickness

Makes your Beard Look Better

How to apply:  After Cleaning your beard, preferably with one of our Beard washes or soaps, pat or air dry your beard until its' complete dry or a tad bit damp. 

Apply a few drops of beard only only your hands and rub them to distribute it evenly.  Make sure to get to your skin under the beard by using your fingertimps. 

Massage the bear oil deep into your beard.  The goal is to get as much beard oil as possible onto your skin.  Don't forget about the skin beneath your beard.

Next, work the oil from the skin to the tips - working outwards helps to distribute the oils ndown the shaft of the hairs. 

If you want to get a tad bit more taming done - then wit a few minutes for the beard oils to soap in then apply beard balm. 

Remember its best to apply when the beard is about ½ inch long in length. 


Beard Balm:  Beard Balm gives you a tad bit of hold to the beard hair. It helps to style and nourish your beard, keeping the fuzzies at bay - "taming the man mane"

Beard Care in General 

  • Healthy skin and hair starts from within - EAT WELL - Nutrition is key!

  • Wash your beard and face - you should use a soap designed for cleaning and moisturizing - not leaving the hairs stripped. So wash they beard maybe not daily, but wash your exposed skin daily and your beard every other day. 

  • Condition it! You should use a good grooming routine that you have developed to help keep the beard hairs from getting too dry from being stripped of moisture!

  • Use Beard Oil

  • Use Beard Balm

  • Brush it Well and Often

  • Trim it regularly!

So use Good Horse Sense . . . and use common sense when choosing and developing a beard hygien routine. No  one likes to be jabbed by a rough facial hair!

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