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Who are Little's - well that could be anyone throughout the lifecycle.  When we started Good Horse Scents journey - I started because I needed a soap that I could use everyday -  several times a day, that was not only nourishing and cleansing, but didn't strip my skin. 


Littles are for all of us - and don't tell me that you have never needed a soft powder for your bum because you were getting gaulded in a hay field, or hurrying to catch a bus or toddler running.   Something to help absorb, that didn't cake, and that was soothing. 


Or that you needed a balm because you had gotten rubbed on an 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C.  We all are littles in our own way. 

Actually folks of all ages need natural nourishing skin care.  We need to treat our largest organ with care and kindness.  

We need to help ourselves to age gracefully - so you may see a Little's product with rosehip oil or evening primrose oil, exotic butters and yes, surfactants that are naturally derived. 

No matter what our age - we want our skin to be clean and healthy. 


Making a Littles soap is very important to me.   I have stated this before here on the Good Horse Scents Website - but I am an Occupational Therapist my career has been extensive over the last 30 years.  Currently I see children ages 0-3, children struggling with skin issues has increased dramatically.  My primary job is providing early intervention services here in West Virginia.  I have done this since 2005.  It is not glamorous - it is very important that families have access to affordable, naturally nourishing products.   Not only had I developed intolerances to foods and environmental "stuff" but  many of the infants and toddlers that I encountered their parents complained that bath-time was not a good experience that the soaps bubbled too much, burned, etc.  Then also that lotions were torture to have put on.  So I began the journey!!!

In October 2018- my Dad "Skip" underwent surgery.  Significant complications lead him/us to a 72 day hospital stay.  Do you know what they used to "wipe" him down to cleanse him?  Chlorhexidine!  Yes, there needed to be antibacterial cleansing periodically - but do you know what it did to his skin ALL over his body?  For 40+ days . . .  Which google it for yourself - it causes skin irritation due to the surfactant blend and the alcohol that it contains. Long term - daily use, can cause blistering, burning, itching, peeling, rashes, redness, swelling, or other signs of irritation on the skin.  It is important that sensitive skin be nourished through super-fatting formulas, be gentle and incorporate safe, skin-loving additives that are mild for sensitive skin.  


Its not just for babies - we all need a little more tender love and care in different times.  


We have a Goat Milk Littles Soap and a Simple Soap.  

We do not add any scent - no essential oils to these bars.  Actually essential oils are not recommended for children under 2 years of age.  

All ingredients are safe for babies and sensitive skin.   It is made in our designated Soap Room that is super conscience about cross-contamination.  If you use a product and display a reaction - STOP using it!


It is also important that you educate yourselves on the ingredients that go into commercially available products that are supposedly designed for sensitive skin.  

Other Products that are in development . . and are made to order . . . 

Little's Massage Oil

Little's Powder

Little's Bum Salve

Little's Skin-Bark Ointment

Little's Shampoo 

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