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This bar was a 2018 seasonal soap that has been called “next to Heaven”.  So due to requests we continued to produce it year round. Jeanna Hicks - loved this soap that we almost called it "Jeanna's Jingle" but we settled on "Almost Heaven"


The combination of Patchouli and Cassia Essential oils makes this soap magical.  It is packed full of additives: 

Jojoba Beads for a gentle exfoliating rub, 

Activated Charcoal - for color

Black Sparkle Oxide - as it resembles the coal seams that are throughout the great State of West Virginia

Cobalt Blue Colorant and Indigo Powder - the blues of our our Skys and waterways

Turmeric Powder - the yellows and oranges of our wild flowers, the sky as the weather changes

Brazilian Pink Clay - the streaks of granite

Alfalfa Leaf  - Green

Tussah Silk.  

It truly is Heavenly!!!


Ingredients:  Rice Bran Oil, Cocoa Butter, Lard, Avocado Oil, Castor Oil, Hydroxide (Lye) and Water, Turmeric Powder, Nettle Powder,  Matte Colbalt Blue,  Indigo Powder,, Black Oxide Glitter, Tussah Silk and Jojoba Beads,  Cassia Essential Oil and Patchouli. Essential Oil


This is a handcrafted bar- and with the swirls- it will be vary between batches!  So what we are trying to do - is change with the seasons - the same ingredients - just different mixtures and swirls - like the 4 seasons that we get here in the Mountain State.

Almost Heaven Soap

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