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Ditch those other body sprays that are full of chemicals...our Body Spray with Odor Neutralizer that is naturally based and helps control body odor. Gentle water based spray is a great way to freshen up before you go out or just because our odor neutralizer traps and absorbs the odor causing substance on the body and does not block pores or interfere with the natural flora of the skin while leaving a great scent.  


Eliminate body odors with our plant based odor neutralizer that does not change the skins natural flora and works on a molecular level to get rid of odors on the skin and clothing.Ingredients: distilled water, (natural odor neutralizer) zinc ricinoleate and sodium lauroyl sarcosinate and tetrahydroxypropy ethylentediamine, (preservative less than 1%) phenoxyethanol and caprylyl glycol fragrance, Frangrance. 

Body/Room Spray with Odor Neutralizer

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