Simply Lard Soap. Geting back to our appalachian roots - this was the first soap I made for my family.  

Biochemically - Lard is the closest fat to the human.  It is a wonderful soap for folks with allergies - simply because it is the closest to our own biochemical makeup.  It is beautifully white, has good leather, and good moisturizing.

With soaps you buy from a department store you never know what is inside and what can trigger your allergy.

In this one you know exactly what is made from.

Ingredients: saponificated lard. Once the Lard goes through the natural saponification process - all you will smell is a natural soap smell.


Poison Ivy:  Old fashioned lye soap has been used for many years to help with poison ivy exposure.  Mash a small amount of the soap with warm water adn apply the paste to the exposed area.  Or sprinke a few drips of water on the bar and glide it over the exposed area.  just be sure to rinse the bar so that you do not spread the irritating Urushiol oil of the poison ivy plant. 

Simple Soap


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