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Salves are made from oils infused with herbs and spices - designed to protect, soothe, and promote skin healing - yet they are gentle enough for your lips and bum!  


A salve is simply - effective and natural healing.  There will never be a better - none synthetic - no chemical approach to healing.  The formulations are concentrated and harness the power of herbs.  They act as barrier's to keep the healing in and the yuck out!

  • Calendula

  • Herbal Healing Salve:  Calendula, Comfrey and Plantain

  • Plantain

  • Bug Bite Salve

  • Jewelweed Salve

  • Cooling Feet Balm

  • Muscle Rub

  • Dog Paw Salve

  • Dandelion Salve

  • Seabuckthorn and Rose Hip

  • Tamanu

  • Black Drawing Salve

  • We can also make a custom salve that has ingredients of your choice.

How to use:

Directions:  With a clean hand/finger or wooden paddle - apply liberally to affected area as often as needed.  Within minutes bring the healing qualities of the  oils and herbs.  We use unbleached, pure oils and herbs. - they retain their natural scent, color and nutritional benefits.  Some of the herbs may stain clothing temporarily and fair skin. 

We infuse carrier oils with the herbs.  We may add (with full disclosure)  other oils based upon their amazing qualities. All salves have a shelf life that is on the bottom of the can. 

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