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"Exploring the Powerful Benefits of Herbs We Love"

This fall and winter we have been asked many times what herbs can be taken, teas, tinctures, elixirs, etc. for the lungs. My answer is it depends. It depends on what the symptoms are - wet cough, dry cough, body aches, fever, stomach/GI upset . . . what's going on.

We are busy. Our lives are busy - family, home, other people want you to do for them - we get so caught up in running here - there - everywhere. So what I'm telling myself (ha) and you too is, slow down, prioritize and ground yourself. Eat right, eat locally grown foods, and if you can't try to get fresh fruits, vegetables and meats. Get to know your farmers and growers.

I am truly blessed that I have the knowledge and common sense to eat right, drink water, and make elixirs and tonics to increase my immune system. In the shop we have all of the products, teas and spices to help myself and you too!

I subscribe to other herbalists blogs, I am an herbalist myself - but you know that it isn't easy to practice what you preach - it's an ongoing goal. So I have done well this fall season. Making Fire Cider, Elderberry Syrup and Tincture, but also incorporating herbs into the foods that I cook for myself and family. These are for sale in our Store, Putnam Provisions Co.

Let me tell you about the herbs that I have been using.

Sage: Culinary Sage can be used to reduce fevers and inflammation, with its antimicrobial, diaphoretic, expectorant and anti-inflammatory properties. We carry a Blackberry Sage tea that is amazing to drink everyday. But you can use it to fight bacterial infections, help with thinning and expelling mucus.

Oregano: A must have in a kitchen - but did you know that it has astringent, antiseptic and expectorant properties? This is a great addition when you are feeling congested. We use it as a part of our Italian Seasoning Herb Blend, to make our herbed goat cheese, add to lasagna and other culinary dishes.

Calendula: MY ABSOLUTE Favorite Herb. We grow these in the pots outside of Area 34, but have it for sale in the Shop. Calendula is a lymphatic superstar, helping to move fluids from a congested lymph system, helping to heal and boost the immune system.

I use Calendula in a variety of teas that we mix in house.

Elderberry: What a powerhouse herb! So very versatile in incorporating it into your daily routine. I truly love it in a tea, but adding it to a latte is amazing. Not only are the berries good, but the flowers are packed full of antiviral goodness.

Peppermint: Man this tastes so good! But it is calming to the gut and has antimicrobial, antispasmodic, analgesic and so many more properties. We carry the dried peppermint herb and in a Casablanca Mint that is delicious hot or cold.

Rose Hips and Orange Peel: Are both loaded with vitamin C. Orange peel can help with to dry a wet cough and runny nose. We make several teas that have orange peel in them, but can add them as desired. Rose Hips are in our Berry Blast Tea blend, which is good hot or cold. You can add lemon and honey to make the flavors pop.

Teas are a fantastic way to incorporate more herbs into your diet. Using them in foods is so beneficial - alternatives to enhance flavors.

Want to try something new - stop in the shop and try something new!

Connie Sue

March 12, 2024

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