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Spring is coming! St. Patrick's Day is here!

Today, 18 years ago - I gave birth to my baby girl! I prayed for her to be kind and sweet, I got that - but more! A dark haired beauty in a tiny package - loves fiercely and struggles like the rest of us to make sense of the world. Prayerful and true - she knows she doesn't have to compromise her values to fit in, but is tempted (she's human). So Happy Birthday Jenny!!!

So what does this have to do with Good Horse Scents? Funny, you wonder that! In 2020 - the number of people making soap, bath and body products went through the roof. I kept true to my original mission - of making high quality, natural products that felt good on the skin. I have compromised with the addition of FD&C Batch Certified Dyes on a couple of new products. But you will not see them in everything. You can still see the use of plant colorants, natural clays and "naked" bath fizzies. That I won't change . . .

For me compromising the addition of FD&C Batch Certified Dyes and Lakes, has been acceptable to our loyal followers and added a few more. I made concessions for the many requests that I have had over the last several years, it hasn't altered the end product - and I totally put a disclaimer on the products stating that the colorant come from a lab, therefore not found in nature.

What are your thoughts?

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