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Good Horse Scents!

Good Horse Scents, LLC was created to provide natural bath and body products for yourself, your family and your critters.

It takes "Good Sense to use Good Horse Scents!"

Skip Gilkeson (4/17/1932-11/28/2020)

Handcrafted in Milton, WV at Golden-Aire Farm.

Made in small batches.  Using several Soaping Methods - Its a Folk-Art! 


I have created the best handmade soap recipes formulations - as I pair quality ingredients with creativity. It is a combination of chemistry and art. It's a lot of education and formulation of ingredients. 


What sets Good Horse Scents soaps/products aside from other handcrafted soap?  I have worked diligently to create formulas that not only clean and nourish, but also help to guard your skin against the daily exposure to the elements.  


Formulations include several different combinations of oils, fats and butters to have something for everyone.  

  • Our primary Oils and Butters are:  Olive, Apricot Kernel, Rice Bran, Castor, Avocado, Sunflower, Grapeseed Oil, Coconut, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Mango Butter

  • We also use Hemp, Brazil nut, Pracaxi Oil, Babassu Oil, Passionflower Oil, Kukui Nut, and more

  • We are very conscious of individual skin intolerances- allergies. 

  • We have animal fat (sourced locally) and Vegan Bars as well. 

  • No Sweet Almond Oil and No Soy

  • If you need a bar without a particular ingredient - I can do that!


We also try to try to add the beautiful colors and textures from herbs and botanicals. 

No fragrance oils will be found here- only plant based essential oils if we think they are important and smell amazing.

It is important to us that you see the purpose of the soap “don’t be gross wash with soap!” 


We also want you to see the artisan designed soap- the creativity- the combination of the plants to create a swirl, a scene, etc.  

We definitely want you to be nourished by the soap- not feel like your skin has been stripped of the needed oils, vitamins and minerals.  

Oh and all SOAP is made with LYE! If you don't see that on a label - it probably is a detergent!

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