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What is our best selling product?

Soap! yes - my best selling product is plain old soap. Soap is the combination of fats and an alkaline mixture (lye-sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide). It's a LIE if the soap doesn't say LYE or Saponified oils. IT is a Chemical reaction - OOOOOOH I said chemical. But honestly it is. And Good Horse Scents soap are our best seller.

Each person who shops with Good Horse Scents, comes with a need. A need for moisuturized skin, a "healing", "teenage acne", "shop local" what ever . . . We make soap for all . . . unscented, herbal infused, plant based as well as animal fat based. What I don't do is compromise the quality of my product. I have stuck to my intentions as never used fragrance oils - I label everything according to the FDA and regulations - I pay taxes. What started out as an experiment for my family - evolved into the products you see today.

I love to create - combine - formulate - fats: butters and oils are pretty dynamic - with their fatty acid profiles - some make a bar hard (like a brick); some moisturize; some have grease cutting abilities! Some have unsaponifiables - meaning there are parts that don't get made into soap - like Shea Butter. I love cocoa butter, lard, mango, shea butter - and more exotic oils from the Rainforests of South America. Olive was traditionally used in the Middle East - duh - that is where is comes from.

I love researching the history of soap making. How our ancestors began making soap in the 1800s here in the Appalachian Mountains. But they had to learn from somewhere. Was it brought to this country by the European Settlers. Nope - Native American cultures used the plants that had high saponin values - like Soap Wort to clean themselves. It truly is fascinating.

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